URGENT: Please help the animal victims of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines

Your caring gift today could provide long-term recovery in the Philippines including:

  • additional disaster preparedness through the selection, training and equipping of mobile emergency veterinary teams on the islands of Panay
  • implement hurricane-resistant sheltering technology, which will reduce animal mortality and suffering as well as decrease associated economic loss

Animals are often the forgotten victims of disasters, but we have the power and responsibility to protect them. In 2013, your support made it possible for us to come to the aid of 1.3 million animals, in 15 disasters across 11 countries. Please make a gift today to protect animals from future disasters. We can’t do it without you.

To become a leader in our disaster management initiatives with a gift of a $1,000 or higher, please contact wspa@wspausa.org or call 800-883-WSPA (9772) ext.2226. 

Funds raised for this appeal will support animals affected by this disaster. If the funds raised exceed WSPA’s needs, your gift will go to our general Disaster Management work.

Do even more for animals - join the Animal Rescue Team Monthly Giving Program 

This is the most effective way you can help WSPA to make a difference for animals. Your monthly gifts will allow us to plan, maintain and increase our long-term solutions with confidence. It also allows us to have contingency funds so that we can respond to global animal crises as quickly as possible.

You’ll see the difference your monthly gifts make when you receive our WSPA News magazine, which provides updates on our work around the world. You’ll also receive our exclusive Saved by You! updates – heart-warming stories about animals who were impacted by your donations.



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