In 2013, your previous support achieved much for animals. It is only through your voice, your actions, your purchases and your gifts that we moved the world to protect millions of animals – thank you! Here are just a few of the highlights.

  • Over 23,000 of you asked the United Nations to get World Animal Day recognized as an official day
  • Nearly 80,000 of you helped improve the living conditions of millions of hens
  • Your support helped save thousands of dogs from being needlessly culled
  • You generosity aided the development of life-saving emergency relief for millions of animals affected by natural disasters, and so much more.

Through your gift today, you can continue to make a significant difference to animals around the world in 2014 and beyond. Thank you for partnering with us to protect animals.

Join the Animal Rescue Team Monthly Giving Society

This is the most effective way you can help WSPA to make a difference for animals. Your monthly gifts will allow us to plan, maintain and increase our long-term projects with confidence. You’ll see the difference your monthly gifts make when you receive our WSPA News magazine, which provides updates on our work around the world. You’ll also receive our exclusive Saved By You! updates – heart-warming stories about animals who were impacted by your donations.

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