Give the gift of freedom this holiday season!

Because of caring supporters like you, bears like Gheorge (pictured on the right) were rescued from prison-like cages and now enjoy forested freedom at the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary. By making an urgent generous gift today, you will help free the remaining captive Romanian bears and allow them to live as nature intended, to forage, play, climb trees, swim, roam in acres of forest and hibernate in a safe warm den for the first time in their lives. 

Your gift will help free the remaining estimated 15 illegally captive Romanian bears and provide a cruelty free world to animals across the globe. Make your gift today by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Giving online is quick, easy, and secure.

Join the Animal Rescue Team Monthly Giving Society

This is the most effective way you can help World Animal Protection to make a difference for animals. Your monthly gifts will allow us to plan, maintain and increase our long-term projects with confidence, safe in knowing that the funds will be there in the future. It also allows us to have contingency funds so that we can respond to international animal crises as quickly as possible.

You’ll see the difference your monthly gifts make when you receive our World Animal Protection News magazine, which provides updates on our work around the world. You’ll also receive our exclusive Saved By You! updates – heart-warming stories about animals who were impacted by your donations.

Donate by mail or phone.

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Gheorghe (Gicu) exploring his new found freedom at the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary in Romania.