With your help, WSPA can provide relief to animals affected by disasters.

Your generous gift today will support our Disaster Relief Fund and enable WSPA to bring immediate relief to animals affected by disasters.

The Forgotten Victims

Every year, natural disasters wreak havoc on millions of people and their environment. The human tragedy of these incidents is well documented, but less known is the impact on animals – all too often, they are the forgotten victims.

When people's property is destroyed, animals' homes often disappear too. Wild animals face the frightening choice of having to flee their home habitat to survive. Meanwhile, domesticated animals are at grave risk of remaining trapped and abandoned without food or water on farms, in people's homes or even at zoos.

Rescuing Animals in Disasters

For more than 30 years, WSPA has been often the first – and sometimes the only – organization that will go to the heart of a disaster to save the lives of animals. Our trained and experienced rescue teams often:

- Act as a catalyst to establish an organized and local response to animals in need.

- Work alongside local vets to treat sick or injured animals.

- Distribute food and water to starving and dehydrated animals.

- Help move animals away from danger.

- Create temporary shelters or rehome rescued animals.

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